When we moved to our new house, I was forced to do weeding in the garden. Unlike our previous house, the garden was bigger and hiring a gardener was going to be more expensive.  Initially, I would get very upset when I saw weeds growing back.  Overtime, I was impressed by their intelligence. They would entangle around my favorite tomato plant and other vegetables making it hard for me to get rid of them easily. 

When I realized that they are intelligent, I also learned to respect them. They have the same right on the soil that I gave to my vegetables.  Now I don’t get annoyed at the sight  of weeds. I happily accept any allergic reactions that I get when I try to uproot them.  I have also become more tolerant of the insect bites from the garden. I hurt them in some way and they hurt me in return.  This awareness has made me humbler and a happier person.