I love to watch mythological serials. To be honest, I also enjoy watching the usual soap operas that revolve around romance, revenge, horror, comedy etc. The usual soap operas do not teach us anything in the long-run. If you stop watching for a few weeks and then start viewing from the latest episode, the basic theme remains unchanged. Mythological serials, on the other hand, have always taught me something new. If you look closely, you will always find a character who inspires you or someone who has the same faults as those you know. There have been numerous occasions in my life when something has been bothering me but I did not have anyone who could provide me good advice. The mythological serials that I had been watching at the time often provided me the answer. I think that what convinced me of the wisdom that they were trying to convey was that these serials are based on characters whom we admire, respect and worship.

Let me share some personal experiences. I always felt that the world has treated me very unfairly. But when I watched Ramayana, I realized that when the world did not treat Lord Rama fairly by separating him from Mata Sita I have no right to complain. If my master suffered despite doing only good to this world, I should try to accept my fate.

Some people had harassed me a lot last year and they were constantly in my thoughts. Then, in a mythological serial, I saw that when Shishupal died, his soul united with Shri Krishna. Arjuna asked Krishna what right did Shishupal have to be merged into Shri Krishna. Shri Krishna explained that he was constantly in Shishupal’s thoughts. Hence, Shishupal became a part of him.  This brought me to my senses. When disturbing thoughts come to me these days, I try to meditate on Shri Krishna instead of using the time to curse people.

I often wonder whether I should try to be like Lord Rama or Lord Krishna in my approach to life. Both are avatars of Shri Vishnu but they are very different to a layperson like me. I feel that while both Lord Rama and Lord Krishna will guide me towards the path of dharma, Lord Rama’s path is more difficult. You might laugh at my silly thoughts but I would rather indulge in these contemplations than keep wondering what will happen in the next episode of my favourite romcom.

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