Recently, when I was listening to Kali sahasranama, I was puzzled by the fact that Gandhari was mentioned alongside Rukmini and Vrinda. If you have read the Mahabharata, you know that Gandhari knowingly ignored many of the misdeeds committed by her children against the Pandavas. The only answer that I could think of is that Shri Hari does not judge people. Every good and bad karma is acknowledged. We self-select our spiritual and physical life through our acts.

Gandhari was a great devotee of Lord Shiva and because of this karma, she found a place in Kali sahasranama. I guess all great saints also have the ability to evaluate people based on their individual karmas and not based on the net of positive and negative karmas.

Whether or not we are able to do this with people yet, we can definitely apply this principle when we assess how our day went. In these difficult times, there is a lot to cause us anxiety. Hence, if we acknowledge at least one good thing that happened today when we retire for the night, it will give us a lot of peace and happiness. The good thing could be the presence of a person or hobby in your life or something similar that gives you a lot of joy. For me, it is often simple things such as being able to get the cheaper parking spot when I was sure that I would not get it or that I did not meet with an accident when I missed it by seconds.

Please do tell me if you have any other interpretation of why Gandhari is mentioned in Kali Sahasranama.