The Secret of Great Communication

Here are three magic words that can take your communication skills to an entirely...

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Parental Compassion

If you are going to be over protective, it'll take them much longer to...

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Raising a Child with Special Needs

Rather than being in a warm and sunny place, sometimes we end up in...

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Single Parents and Broken Marriages

Give yourself a chance to bloom and say no to an abusive marriage. Never...

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How to Raise Children

Practice, don't preach. This is the greatest mantra of raising children and yes, give...

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It’s Not Your Fault

A lump of clay may be outstanding in its own right, but, ultimately it's...

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Have I been a Bad Parent?

There is no categorical good or bad way of parenting. As long as you...

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Autism — My World – Your World

'My World - Your World' is a video of an autistic boy based on...

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