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What’s in Your Wallet?

Have you ever wondered what are you keeping in you? Are you the ever moving stream or a crumbling tree?


Gratitude is like the sticky date pudding with ice-cream. Warm so it heals, cold so it soothes.

Afraid of Getting Old?

You are old when your memories are no longer bridges but boulders that obstruct your present journey.

Living in Conflict

Make sure the light you see at the end of the tunnel is not an oncoming train. Life is synonymous to conflicts.

Improve Your Decision Making Skills – The 2 Golden Questions

If you want to learn swimming, sooner or later, you will have to jump into the water. There is no other way.

The Value of Love

No one offered Love any place on their boats, except one. Who? Read the story.

Toxic Anger

Toxic anger, like the deceptive iceberg, may appear harmless from the outside but underneath it's large and tumorous.

Do You Compare Yourself?

The world wants you to be a trained donkey like others, like themselves in fact. They will if you let them. Be yourself.

The Cracked Pot

Our weakness becomes our strength when we are honest with ourselves. Here's a beautiful story. 

Bottled Up?

If you keep your emotions bottled up, you become increasingly restless and bitter. Learn to empty yourself.

How do You Form Opinions?

Your opinions are a reflection of your inner world, a statement of the depth of your intellect and understanding.

Do you Ignore Yourself?

A dying tree can offer neither shade nor fruits. You'll crumble eventually if you continue to ignore yourself.

Are You Paying Attention?

Listen to your body. Like fire, no ailment is too small to ignore. They can grow from small to unmanageable.

Being at Peace

If you let them be, negative thoughts are like bubbles that rise to the brim and disappear. Be aware and patient.

A Meaningful Life

In a machine, the smallest gear is as indispensable as the biggest one. You are as important as anybody else.