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What is Karma – The Truth of 4 Queens

A king dearly loved his four wives but when the time came, they abandoned him. Here's a beautiful story.

How To Enjoy Life?

A leaf, once disconnected from the source, starts to dry and decay rapidly. Stay connected for infinite joy and bliss.

How to Overcome Anger – 3 Best Practices That Would Not Fail

Let go off your anger, let it sink like the setting sun behind the horizon. Here are three practices.

Angry People of Three Types – Which One Are You?

No matter how beautiful the sandcastle, it's temporary. Waves will wash it ashore. What are you holding onto?

Two Types of Anger

The same fire that warms up a room can burn down the house too. Anger results from misdirected emotions.

Why do People Shout in Anger?

Anger is your boiling point. How quickly you boil depends on what fluid is in you and the amount of heat underneath.

Forgive Yourself

Are you riding the weight or carrying it? Either way, let go. Forgive yourself for peace and bliss.

3 Ways To Deal with Negative People – How To Be Strong Minded

Others' negativity is like a river. When negative thoughts start, they just flow. Don't take a dip in it.

Self-Importance – 2 Ways To Raise Your Self Esteem

You see in others what you have in you. If you believe in yourself, you can instill the same in others about themselves.

Being Compassionate – Power Practice To Gain Mental Strength

Just like rain water collects in a pond, virtues congregate in a kind heart. Be compassionate to be strong.

4 Pillars of Love – Managing Relationships In Love

The plane of love flies on four engines, mutual care and respect, dependability, trust, and sacrifice.

Does Prayer Change Things? Miracles of Divine Grace

The effectiveness of your prayer depends on the depth and strength of your faith. You create your own miracles.

Mass Destruction – Does Law of Karma Play A Role?

Natural calamities are not punishable acts but corrective measures Nature takes to sustain itself.

Destiny and Free Will

If everything was predestined then there would be no room for karma, for free will, but there is.

Understanding Karma – 4 Types of Karma Explained

What happens to the ripe apple you don't pluck? It falls on the ground. There is no escape.