The Right to Dream

What does it take to realize a dream? Here's an inspirational true life story.

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The Calling of Happiness

Happiness is an attainment when we mistake it for pleasures. Otherwise, it's a journey,...

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Collective Consciousness

The law of attraction can manifest your dreams provided you help others in manifesting...

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Happiness is a Journey

Happiness is the path we walk. It's a matter of commitment, in fact, it's...

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Three Ways to Keep Your Calm

Here are three ways to steer your ship of life to a peaceful shore...

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I am Not Happy

Brooding over your past is one of the greatest barriers to happiness. The present...

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How to Be at Peace

In the big scheme of things no matter how much you have, it'll still...

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What is Tolerance

Look at our planet earth, providing for everyone it's ever tolerant, resilient and compassionate.

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Be Grateful

Be grateful for all of life's colors; that's what makes life worth living. Stop...

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The Whole Nine Minutes

Here's a video showing my usual life at the ashram. Things have changed since...

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