The Right to Die

Is a graceful voluntary exit better than dragging on with an unbearable life?

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When Loss Hurts

Here's a beautiful perspective on how to recover from your personal loss

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The Last Letter

When the day arrives, in the final analysis, what will be on your mind?

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An Uncomfortable Pause

Is death a matter of choice? Does dying a certain way mean you will...

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The Greatest Fear

Beyond the fear of unknown, of death, loss, of failure and rejection lies another...

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How did We Happen?

The question you should be asking is not what is the purpose of human...

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Dealing with Terminal Illness

All rivers merge in the sea, all small things become a part of a...

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The Fear of Death

Water evaporates and it rains back, Nature's play continues. Everything in nature is eternal....

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Dealing with the Loss of a Loved One

Over time, ponds may dry up, but they don't disappear. Getting over the loss...

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The Truth of Death [Hindi]

Death is not just the end of this life but the beginning of a...

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