The Source of Fear

Like seed is the source of a plant, our fears too have a source....

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How Not to Attract

Life is full of contradictions and opposites. Light and darkness, snow and sunshine coexist...

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The Antidote to Fear

When the storm of fears rages on, there is a way to remain calm...

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The Greatest Fear

Beyond the fear of unknown, of death, loss, of failure and rejection lies another...

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The Fear of Death

Water evaporates and it rains back, Nature's play continues. Everything in nature is eternal....

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Fear of the Dark

If you believe in inspiring and positive mythical entities, you'll naturally feel there exist...

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How to Deal with Self-Doubt

A bogey or a birdie; bunker, or, an ocean of opportunities, you won't know...

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The Art of Being Positive

Being positive is a matter of choice. Positive people are happier people and generally...

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