Recorded last year, here is a video discourse for you in Hindi on death. The following is a translated excerpt to give you an overview.

My topic today is death, a phase everyone has to go through. The one that starts with the end of one’s body, not the soul, just the body. Before we get any further, I would like to narrate a little story. A man approaches a holy man for knowledge and wisdom. He asks the saint how the holy man is able to live so contently and peacefully, and if the holy man does not crave for pleasures of the material world. Watch the discourse to hear the full story…

What is the true meaning of Death?

It is a beautiful pause, just a small pause. This is not the end. Just like when on a long journey, you tend to take a break, either for a pit stop, for a bite, or simply to freshen up, in the soul’s journey spanning many lifetimes, death is that pit stop. As your soul takes on the new body, as you take new birth, you get the opportunity to be a child again, to be young again, to live through the pleasures, the joys, of this world, to fulfill your desires, to finish the unfinished.

Fear dwells and grows in ignorance. You may also want to read about the Fear of Death. We are afraid of the uncertain aspect, of life, of death, of losing, and so forth. As we gain wisdom, fear goes away automatically. Because, wisdom, inner knowledge, gives you conviction and faith. And, they in turn, decimate your fear.

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There were four members in a household. Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody. A bill was overdue. Everybody thought Somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it but Nobody did it.
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