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5y ago
The Butterfly Effect

Can the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Mumbai set off an avalanche in the Himalayas?

6y ago
The Secret of a Good Relationship

Rejoicing in togetherness is akin to sitting next to a fireplace. Here's a beautiful little story...

6y ago
The Center of Your Life

Everything in nature was beautiful as before but Pingala could not see the beauty anymore...

6y ago
A Blessed Life

Sometimes, only when we hear what all others go through do we realize what a blessed life we have.

6y ago
The Source of Fear

Like seed is the source of a plant, our fears too have a source. To get past our anxiety, fears and phobias, we've to get to the source.

6y ago
Whom to Please

It is quite possible for two people to be in love, be together and yet be on different paths. Love is not about constantly pleasing the other person.

6y ago
The Daffodil Principle

Here's a beautiful story with an inspiring message...the way to lead our life.

6y ago
The Black Lotus App

Here's everything you need to know about this great new app: Black Lotus Meditation

6y ago
The Ancient Science of Mantras

Do Mantras work in this day and age? Can the energy of a mantra help you realize your goal?

6y ago
5 Principles of Happiness

Ever wonder what is the secret of happy people?

6y ago
Heaven and Hell

Do heaven or hell really exist or are they a mere figment of imagination?

6y ago
A Spiritual Attitude

A beautiful story of Buddha and his disciple

6y ago
Destiny Or Free Will

Does destiny control where you'll end up or do you have free will?

6y ago
Purpose of Life

Like a river infuses life while it meanders about and before it merges in the ocean, our life's purpose is the same — live fully and merge in our own greatness.

6y ago

Nothing perceivable is permanent. The clouds, moon, stars, our planet, everything is constantly changing.