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The Puzzle of Life

Sometimes all you've to do is look at the flip side and the puzzle of life turns into a beautiful picture.

The Balloon of Happiness

Here's how to be happy in this day and age. Philosophical yet not far from the truth.

The Greatest Secret

The law of attraction can manifest your dreams provided you help others in manifesting theirs.

No Water No Moon

Here's a beautiful Zen anecdote to help you see beyond faith, conditioning and ego.

The Most Important Task

If you understand the Zen of living, you'll make a quantum leap on the path of life.

An Uncomfortable Pause

Is death a matter of choice? Does dying a certain way mean you will or won't get to heaven?

A Cobbler, Dog and God

Here's a beautiful story, a gentle reminder about the purpose of spirituality — to see divinity in everything.

When They Hurt You

Various colors and falls of human emotions make the river of life only more beautiful, blue and breathtaking.

A Word on Rumors

False rumors are like fleeting clouds. Don't react and they will dissipate on their own.

The Greatest Skill

Your path to happiness may be influenced by various colors of life, but ultimately, it's solely carved by you.

Himalayan Silence

Silence of the mind is the greatest blessing, for, peace and wisdom sprouts from the seeds of such silence.

Why do Marriages Fail?

What do you think is the most important element in a marriage? The magic word is not love. Read on.

A Word on Faith

Faith is light in the darkness of your lonely moments, it is your anchor of peace and strength.

The Silent Witness

When you learn to observe yourself and your thoughts, you become like an incense. The more life burns you the more scent you emit.

Why do Your Plans Fail?

No matter how fascinating your dream, how great your plan, you must be in touch with reality if you want to succeed.


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