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The Mindful Chatterbox

If you want to enjoy the beauty of life then learn to turn off the chatterbox.

The First Trait of Successful People

Life is all about choices. At some point in time, you have to decide which path you want to walk.

A Fistful of Love

A Fistful of love is my latest paperback containing fifty posts on love, relationships and life from this blog.

The One Principle

A guiding principle is like a lamp. Dispelling the darkness around us, it helps us in making better choices.

The Empty Boat

What to do when the other person is responsible for evoking anger in us? Or are they?

A Story of Faith

Here's a beautiful story of faith and surrender from the magnificent epic Mahabharata.

The Most Profitable Deal

The life of Guru Nanak Dev is a teaching, a divine message in its own right. Here's a beautiful story.

Are you Hurting Life?

A beautiful story of compassion and love has a deep insight to make our lives worthwhile.

Is Astrology for Real?

Do nine planets, out of the billions in the universe, really control your destiny?

When All is Not Well

Just because things seem okay doesn't mean they are okay at all. This is the truth of depression.

Life Beyond Worries

It is said that a swan feeds on pearls where the average bird settles for much less.

To Love and Be Loved Back

For the caring heart, love knocks on the most unexpected door at the least expected time.

How Much is Enough?

Here's a beautiful story from the life of Alexander the Great on the futility of reckless pursuits.

The Puzzle of Life

Sometimes all you've to do is look at the flip side and the puzzle of life turns into a beautiful picture.

Balloon of Happiness

Here's how to be happy in this day and age. Philosophical yet not far from the truth.