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The Path of Truth

Surrounded by the various shades of life, the path of truth is the only real path to liberation.

Kundalini — An Untold Story

The origin of kundalini goes back to the most ancient Puranic lore beginning with Shiva and his consort...


Here's the insightful and profound legend of Patacara with a great message, the real truth.

The Narcissist

Do you know what a hot air balloon and a narcissist have in common? Here are my thoughts...

The Calling of Happiness

Happiness is an attainment when we mistake it for pleasures. Otherwise, it's a journey, a path, a state of being.

An Attitude of Happiness

Count your blessings and light the lamp of happiness in your heart. Let it fly, let it float. Let go.

Be Strong

Even the strongest tree sways in the face of gusty winds. Being strong doesn't mean that you show no emotions.

The Essence of Friendship

Friends are like different flowers in a bouquet, each one has its own beauty, fragrance and color.

A Story of Grace

Divine grace protects your tender heart from adversities like a shell shelters its inhabitant. Nature has a way.

A Word on Love

To love is to make the other person at perfect ease in your presence, so they can be themselves.

The Course of Grief

Grief has a life of its own. Like a river charts its own course, grief too must flow before it can merge in the sea of life.

The Four Shades of Silence

Bliss and tranquility blossom in a silent mind like beautiful lotuses do in a serene pond.

The Price of Freedom

True freedom is a leap from recklessness to responsibility. It's to be mindful of the consequences of our actions.

One Life Many Lives

As series of drops make up a waterfall, tiny moments and experiences create what appears to be a lifetime.

The 84th Problem

Here's a beautiful parable showing the possibility of a life without any problems at all.