Two Pillars of Top Health

You asked and I've written about what I eat and how I exercise.

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The Most Important Task

If you understand the Zen of living, you'll make a quantum leap on the...

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The Wellness Sense

A practical guide to your physical and emotional health based on Ayurvedic and yogic...

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Eat Early to Lose Weight

Drinking pure water at the right time before and after your meals is an...

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Self-Esteem and Weight Loss

A tree in autumn is as beautiful in spring. Your real worth is not...

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How to Start Losing Weight

Are you overweight? Take the simple staircase test to know if you actually need...

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Are You Paying Attention?

Listen to your body. Like fire, no ailment is too small to ignore. They...

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We are what we eat. What we consume becomes a part of us. Literally.

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