Healing Through Forgiveness

You can't really move on in life unless you allow self-healing

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The Hall of One Thousand Mirrors

Here's a beautiful story illustrating how we shape our own world and attract a...

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When They Hurt You

Various colors and falls of human emotions make the river of life only more...

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The Most Difficult Emotion

A beautiful story from the life of Buddha gives a profound message of mastering...

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A Word on Compassion

Think of compassion as sacrifice. It is putting other person's interests before your own....

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How to Apologize

An apology is genuine when you don't repeat your offense and when you offer...

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How to Forgive

Forgiveness is letting go, it's a gift. It is as much about the recipient...

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Forgive Yourself

Are you riding the weight or carrying it? Either way, let go. Forgive yourself...

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