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Destiny Or Free Will

Does destiny control where you'll end up or do you have free will?

Purpose of Life

Like a river infuses life while it meanders about and before it merges in the ocean, our life's purpose is the same — live fully and merge in our own greatness.


Nothing perceivable is permanent. The clouds, moon, stars, our planet, everything is constantly changing.

Why Me?

Why do good people suffer or go through pain they don't deserve?

The Seed of Fearlessness

With good parenting, it is possible to help a child become truthful and fearless in life.

When Your Words May Hurt…

What if your compassion is detrimental to the recipient's growth? How do you choose between being delightful and helpful?

The Four Truths of Life

Here's my version of the four truths of human existence.

What Could I Have Done?

Under most circumstances, we all act according to our inherent nature.

The Secret of Being Positive

Simplicity is the seed of positivity that grows in the ground of reality.

A Million Thoughts

A Million Thoughts is my most comprehensive work on meditation. Your A-Z guide to meditation.

Weapons of Mass Distraction

The damage caused by social media to our emotional and spiritual well-being is very real.

Suffering to Happiness

On the journey of life, the train of happiness has no destination as such. Life is happiness.

Purity of Intention

When your focus is singular and your intention pure, the fragrant flowers of success blossom naturally.

When You Give…

What if Nature gave us with the same expectations as we have from others when we give them anything?

Freeing Yourself from Anger

Here's a beautiful discourse by Buddha on removing feelings of annoyance and anger from your heart


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