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2y ago
The Psychology of Money

What is the difference between being rich and being wealthy? Which one is more important?

3y ago

What does it take to change yourself or the other person?

3y ago

Can justice and revenge ever be used in the same sentence?

3y ago
The Eight Stages of Anger

Anger remains the greatest test of one's spiritual evolution, patience and wisdom.

3y ago
Just Right

It's a skill that can take a lifetime to master: to know when something is just right.

3y ago
Shelly Singh : 12.05.77 – 12.07.20

With 100% devotion for me, she gave her heart, mind, and soul to the cause of Black Lotus.

3y ago
Guru Purnima

What does a Guru disciple bond mean?

3y ago
The Simple Truth

Like the rain settles dust particles, our awareness of the "self" reduces the expectations we have from the world.

3y ago
Loss is Painful

While we may never completely eliminate pain from our lives, we can reduce it.

3y ago
The Gates of Shambhala

If you let this moment slip away, it's lost forever. "Now" never comes back.

3y ago
Building a Sense of Belonging

When you feel you don't belong, you feel sad, lonely and restless naturally.

3y ago
Healing Through Forgiveness

You can't really move on in life unless you allow self-healing

3y ago
The Sadness Virus

No, this post is not about novel coronavirus...

3y ago
COVID-19 and A Beautiful Life

Something to think about in the face of the escalating COVID-19