It’s perhaps the most important decision I’ve taken as far as is concerned. I called it my personal playground and built it with my sweat and blood over the last ten years. It wouldn’t be possible without the team that supports me and runs this platform. And, it certainly wouldn’t mean anything had you not been a part of it. Some of you have been reading my posts from the very beginning. I have showed up for you and you have showed up for me.

How do I thank you? How do I express what it means to me that you are a part of this closely-knit community? I’ve called you my spiritual family. So, one thought I’d had a few times was to allow you to express yourself to the world on That, I let you dribble the ball, let you bounce it around and score a point in the same arena where I play.

It is my honor and pleasure to…drum roll…open up to you.

From this moment on, just as I write on (something, I’ll continue doing, of course), you too can publish your thoughts. I encourage you to write beautiful things, inspiring, positive and truthful stories. Write about your challenges and thoughts. Write poetry, share your musings, tell us what you think, anything you like. Short post, long post, series, whatever catches your fancy, write it here. Let’s make it a place someone can visit for hope, truth and inspiration.

There’s no hierarchy nor any filtering process. Anyone can have a voice on Your post will be visible on the members’ feed on the homepage and if it has impact, soul and inspiration, we’ll feature it prominently in the Featured Posts on the homepage of

Interested? Please follow the steps below:

  1. Login to as a member.
  2. Create and save your Author’s Profile here.
  3. Write and publish your post here.

We have published a style guide for you to better structure your post. I encourage you to go through it here.

Important things to remember

Update your bio and upload your latest picture. This is what your readers will see at the end of your post.
Choose a catchy image for your post. We’ve shared many resources in the style guide for sourcing royalty-free images at no cost.
Write about things you know or the challenges you face or your personal philosophy. Readers always connect better with a personal story.
We prefer that you write a new article that’s not been published before. But, if you have something that’s close to your heart but you wrote it elsewhere in the past, you are welcome to share it again here on

Relevant links again:

1. Edit your profile
2. Read the style guide
3. Write your post

You don’t have to be a paid member to write on, but to participate in comments and discussion you need to have membership. 

My life’s purpose is to put hope in hearts. My core values are compassion and truth. My philosophy is love. I don’t let me forget that everything is impermanent, interconnected and transient. All things I do in my life, for myself and others, stem from the above.

What is your philosophy, your core values, purpose, and inspiration? Tell us on

Let’s fill with hope, beauty, truth and love. We need a lot of these in our world.

My immense thanks to the multi-cultural team that worked tirelessly for the last five months to make this a reality.