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In one of the scenes in the Hollywood film Knight & Day, the male protagonist tells the female protagonist: Someday is a dangerous word. It means never.

The line is a profound reminder of how often we put off our dream life for another day that never seems to come. How many times we tell ourselves that we will embark on that adventure, pursue that passion, chart that journey or seek out that lover — not today, not tomorrow, someday. And that day hasn’t arrived for years.

The idea of someday is a trap that prevents us from taking action and achieving our dreams. I know you have an idea of your someday. Start small. Don’t nurse some grad idea of how you’ll make a million bucks, take up a charter flight to your private island, yada, yada.

Think small. Eat healthily, treat yourself, take a break — now!

Here’s what my someday (keeping it small and simple) looks like: sleeping early so that I wake up fresh and go to the gym, come back, eat healthy and the day goes on without me feeling sleepy, hungry, angry, hangry, hurried… just content. In short, a doable day that I have been procrastinating,

I have lived this day in parts. Some days, I have been very joyful. Some days, I have been awake. Some days I have worked out a bit. But the day I worked out, I was sleep-deprived the rest of the day. The day I took things slow, I felt empty and anxious. When I ate healthy the entire day, I ordered cheesy ‘unhealthy’ pasta later.

So, I have lived the day in bits and pieces. But that someday, is yet to be lived in whole and for days together.

It’s a balancing act that I’ve struggled with, but I’m determined to find a way to make it work. In the end, living our someday requires a willingness to take action and make the necessary changes in our lives. It means confronting our fears and doubts and being brave enough to take that first step towards our dreams. It isn’t easy, but it’s a journey worth taking.

I am going to start living my someday immediately. I’ll sleep early, even if there is pending work. I’ll get up and exercise. If I don’t feel like changing into the gear, I’ll still do it in my night suit. But I’ll make a start.

I ask you: What’s your small someday floating away like the horizon from you? Live it today without thinking much.

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I love visiting James Norbury‘s page for inspiration.

Transformative Ideas

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बदला कुछ भी नही इस संसार में/ कल भी अभिमन्यु को अपनो ने मारा था चक्रव्यूह में/ आज भी अभिमन्यु को मारा है अपनों के समूह ने/ क्योंकि दुश्मनों के खंजर को तो सीने तने थे/ मगर कैसे देखता की मेरे अपनों के हाथ मेरे लहू से सने थे

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The Sage-Warrior & the Warrior-Sage: The story behind the birth of Maharishi Vishwamitra and Lord Parashuram and their Varna-defying nature, written by Manojanand Swami. It’s engaging and enlightening. 

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Start today, win tomorrow ~~ suggests jay shetty.

Wisdom from Om Swami

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I’d love to see what your someday looks like. Paint it for me with your words, nothing grand or fancy. When you won’t procrastinate, what will you do? Share with me in the comments below.

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