It’s been just a week since the Samurai Council staked their claim on their very own corner. The impact has already been felt. With easier access to the insights and ideas of’s thought leaders, it’s no wonder that the council has quickly become a hub for inspiration and guidance.

The Samurai Council’s mission is clear: to foster a community of like-minded individuals who are truthful and kind and are dedicated to living with purpose and intention. With their newly-established space, they’re poised to do just that.

Well, well, well, here I am… I come bearing our weekly treat for you. If you’re looking to make a positive change in your life, look no further than’s curated list of terrific blogs chock-full of insights and strategies to help you live your best life.

I dare you not to be inspired by the incredible content that’s waiting for you.

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Transformative Ideas

Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner, seeker or just starting out, there’s something for everyone. So go ahead, take a peek.Dive in and discover the positive impact that awaits.

Silence in the Heart of Chaos: Prarthi Dholakia decides to introduce her mother to silence. She felt that her mom was too chatty. So, she decided to introduce her to spiritual leader Om Swami. A visit to the ashram teaches Prarthi much about life, lessons and loved ones. 

Ramcharitmanas: A Great Harmonizer: Tulsidas addressed the Shaivite-Vaishnavite differences and the old Sagun-Nirgun Brahman debate in Ramcharitmanas. Manojanand Swami introduces us to the subject beautifully. How come the one who is attributeless is the same as Saguna? Answer in the blog.   

What should We Pray for? If God were to act upon one of your prayers, what would you pray for? Ah! The mind starts writing a list of things and ideas. S Vyas suggests the only thing that you should pray for so that you have everlasting bliss and contentment. He serves it with a warm story.

A Tryst with Death: ‘He was loved and pampered by everyone and he didn’t suffer even while dying. I cried for the first day. I still cry sometimes when I miss him, thinking about the joyful times I have spent with him. His departure has left an empty space in my heart that will never be filled by anyone else.’ Losing a loved one is harder than you think. It could also bring lessons for the bereaved. Ahana Banerjee shares a pensive note. 

Sadhguru Español: When you fall in love, you want the world to know about it. Sona found her guruji after praying for him. When a plumber showed her a Spanish YouTube channel, she got upset. In her own words, ‘the tornado hit’ her. What are your thoughts?  

The Realization: One day I was on duty and a little girl, about five years of age, was brought in literally gasping for breath. She had been bitten by a scorpion and the venom had caused damage to her heart muscle as a result of which her lungs were flooded with fluid and she was struggling to breathe. Sowmya did her best to save her patient. However, her father truly tested her patience. The only question he ever asked was, ‘When will she come out of the ICU?’ Sowmya thought she knew why he had only that question — no one cares for a girl child. But when she learnt the truth, it left her guilt-ridden. 

Failing at Timetables: It often happens that you read a self-help book or come across a productivity hack and you jump at it enthusiastically only to find that it doesn’t work for you. Something similar happened to Suguna. She chalked up a timetable to run her day efficiently. But three days into it and it all went out the window. Here’s what she did and what she learnt. It’ll come in handy when the next time your attractive trick fails. 

जिंदगी का यही फ़साना हैज़िंदगी का यही फ़साना है, कुछ खोना कुछ पाना है| Sanjeev Gargish sums up life in a few pithy lines. You’ll relate to it, give it a read. 

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Wisdom from Om Swami

One of the most loved spiritual leaders from India, Om Swami shares invaluable wisdom in his posts. He delivers universal truth in an inimitable style with wit and humour, making truth accessible to all.

Why Hurting is Easier than Healing?: Can a crushed flower be restored to its original state? No. Healing is not restoration but building anew. It’s not a good idea — to let others hurt you. Because every time they do, a little bit of you is lost. Read the full post to learn from the best — spiritual leader Om Swami. 

How to Get Over Hurt: How to get over the hurt? Spiritual leader Om Swami answers one of the most important questions for a happy life in this post. And he reminds, when you are hurt, you should take a hard look at if you are hurting someone, too. 

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