If you know me or have read my works or heard me in my videos, or if in general, you are familiar with the Vedic tradition, then you must know that the bond between a guru and disciple is most sacred. It is a relationship unlike any other, free from transactions and judgments. Or at least, that’s how it’s supposed to be — a world of acceptance.

In the past, you may have heard me speak about the seven levels of initiation and the fact that I always gave mantra deeksha to any seeker only in person. It started back in 2012 when I had not written any books nor conducted any camps or scribbled many posts to guide a seeker. Fast forward to this day in 2023 and the scene is very different. There are nearly 500 posts on os.me, numerous discourses on YouTube, a few courses on os.me, audio books on Audible, and fifteen books available worldwide. Plus, of course the numerous events I held in the last decade. To top it all, you have the Black Lotus app if you want to meditate and the Sadhana app if you wish to master mantra sadhana. I did everything painstakingly factoring in the minutest detail.

From the perspective of imparting knowledge and sharing all that I have, the objective of an initiation has outgrown itself, it has sort of become redundant because I have nothing special or different to say to a seeker that I haven’t covered already through various endeavors.

As a result, henceforth, I will not impart mantra deeksha in person.

To further and honor the Vedic tradition of initiation, however, I remain available to anyone who wishes to be connected to my lineage. I have done away with the seven steps of initiation completely and now there are no steps. There is just initiation. Either you are initiated by me or you are not. Either you take me as your guru or you don’t. As time progresses and you evolve spiritually, the bond will strengthen naturally. I do not wish to tie you down into yet another framework.

If you still wish to seek initiation from me, please read the important points below and then fill out the form by clicking on the link under Apply for Initiation. These points are important because I believe in transparency.

Important Points

  1. You have an idea of me, an image of me in your mind. This might be based on my books or discourses. But please know that there are many other aspects of my life. Above all, if you want a traditional monk in your life who fills the room with incense and wears a saffron robe (or any robe) all the time, I am not that person. I encourage you to download the Wildr app and see my posts and profile there to get a more holistic view of my life and lifestyle.
  2. A lot of people think that I renounced my wealth and meditated in the Himalayas and lived in caves and woods. That, I practiced extreme austerities and lived in dire conditions. All of that is 100% true. That was in the past. Currently, the mukti-bhukti pradayani Mother Divine has kept me most lovingly and comfortably, some may even say opulently. If your guru is someone who sleeps on the floor, I am not the right guru for you.
  3. I do not believe that the old rigid methods can save the Vedic dharma. Contemporary times call for contemporary measures. I will continue to change, so if you want a stable picture of a guru for your altar, I am not that person.
  4. All said and done, if you want someone who is truthful, has no personal agenda, no expectations from you of any kind, someone who has actually meditated for thousands of hours, someone who has devoted untold hours to mantra sadhana, then your search ends right here. I will be happy to initiate you.
  5. Your initiation will be by way of my acceptance and your taking a vow. This will happen online and not in person.

Apply for Initiation

Please click here to be taken to the initiation form.

Next Steps

  1. I will go over your form and within the next four weeks you will hear from me with a link containing a small procedure you will need to do to complete the initiation.
  2. Once you are initiated, every four years, you will have the option to renew your vows of discipleship. This is optional but recommended. If you do not renew your vows, you will be free to severe our ties and take anyone else as your guru. You can, of course, sever your ties before that too by following a simple procedure that takes less than a minute. Just drop us a line using the contact form on this site and we’ll be in touch with you.



1. I have already applied but haven’t heard back from you.

[Update 30-Apr, 2024] If you applied before 31-Mar, you must have already received an email from us. We emailed every single person. Please check your Spam, Updates or Promotions folder. Those applying between 1-Apr and 30-June, will hear from us on 31-July. We process all initiation applications once a quarter.

2. I was earlier initiated in person by you. Does this apply to me?

No. If you were initiated into any level, you don’t have to do it again. But, my recommendation is that since I’ve clubbed all the steps together, you may want to fill out the form to receive a video link for updated instructions.

3. I was initiated into level 2, 3 or 4. What’s the next step for me?

The same as the answer to previous question. You are welcome to do any sadhana that you connect deeply with. There’s a ton of guidance in my books, writings, and in the Sadhana app.

4. But, I’d really like in-person initiation.

As of now, there’s absolutely no plan in the foreseeable future to initiate in person. If you have decided to take me on as your guru then what else is there to ask? Simply follow the steps I state in the video that will be shared with you once you apply for initiation.

5. I have a question that is not covered on this page.

Please leave your question in the comment below. I am not promising but if I can I will get back to you.