Since my childhood I saw these Jangams wandering in our streets. They generally came door to door for alms. Ignorant about their specific community,  I always treat  them ordinary people who just came in the houses for food and money. We always give some money to them whenever they came either solely or in groups, I felt happy. They always come in a great costume with feather crown on their heads and always sing the glories of lord Shiva.

But last week when I attended one function of Shiv Vivaah, I came to know some of their hidden talent. They have amazing qualities, the way they sang all glories, the rhythm of their singing and the knowledge they gained, made me so wonder about them. Let me introduce the specialty they have.

The Jangam or Jangamaru are wandering holy man of  Shaiva order. They are the gurus of Hindu Shiva Sector. They mostly live in North India especially in Uttar Pardesh.  Jangams are disciples of Lord Shiva as mentioned in Basava Purana. A visit to jangam in a house is treated as visit of Lord Shiva himself. The meaning of Jangam is ‘Moving Linga‘. These are basically in a community which are engaged in religious preaching and in some part of India are appointed at designated posts as advisors. Their special costumes and ornaments they wear are given to them by Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Maa Parvati. The bell in their hand are given to them by Lord Nandi, its written in scriptures. Jangama is one who is endowed with true spirit of Agamic knowledge, and has sacrificed his life for giving Samskara or good character building practices in all sections of the society including all Sudra castes without any discrimination.They have developed their own meditation techniques called Jangam Dhyana. They have also developed the dance form called Jangam Veeragase. The dance is accompained by the story of Veerabhadra.

According to Hindu history Jangams are originated from Lord Shiva’s thigh. In most of Shiva temples the Jangams perform the Pooja. According to hindu history Shiva blessed them with immortality but declared that they would live by religious begging in Lord Shiva’s temples.

So it’s my personal request whenever you find these Jangams near by you, treat them with atmost respect.

Let’s enjoy one beautiful folk i found on you tube:

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