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Matching the horoscopes of the prospective groom and bride is an age-old practice in India. In the present times, though, I do not recommend making important decisions like marriage on the basis of horoscopes or Kundli matching. It is exactly for this reason that I’ve provided you this tool here so you don’t have to rely on any third person for this information and therefore, eliminate the chances of being misguided. It doesn’t befit an educated or a spiritual person to make life-defining decisions based on astrological charts, in my humble view. Is astrology real?

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Have fun and don’t take it too seriously. I’ve provided the astrology tools here for educative purposes only.
~Om Swami

Your data is not stored anywhere on our servers and it’s never used for any other purpose than generating your horoscope. If you don’t know how to read astrological charts, you are welcome to join The Truth of Astrology camp.