The Art of Meditation – Gift

Based on Mahamudra, Yoga Sutras and 15,000+ hrs of meditation experience of the foremost Himalayan monk, Om Swami.

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A special thoughtful gift from you.

Master Concentration and Focus

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Learn Meditation in 4 days

and practice it over a lifetime...

In this virtual retreat, you will learn how to master the art of meditation, develop a meditator's mindset, and overcome various hurdles on the path.

  • Total video content in this course: 8+ hours
  • Language: English
  • Original Recording: Bay Area, California
  • Month & Year: Sep, 2018
  • Course Fee: $89

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Master The Skill To Tame Your Mind

Course Content You will learn about

  • What differentiates good meditation from just any other relaxation exercise?
  • The importance of correct posture and what makes a good posture. Variations of a meditative posture.
  • How to perfect your meditation practice?
  • Pratice of mindfulness and attentiveness in meditation.
  • Maintaining lucidity and sharpness in meditation.
  • How to test and improve the quality of your concentration, learn "Om" chanting and its significance.
  • The role of four kinds of energies in meditation.
  • Introduction to vase breathing. The practice and mastery of vase breathing.
  • Meditation Journal that to compliment your practice. A daily log to advance and increase your chances of success in your journey.
  • Detachment - its understanding, cultivation and practice.
  • The art of self-discipline.
  • Osoji - A yogic variation of the Japanese practice of decluttering.
  • Beautiful rendition of Shiv Tandav Stotram, Sri Hari Aarti, Jo Mange Thakur Apne Se (A devotional song)

Meditation and Enlightenment

Daily meditation will change the way you think

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Key Questions Answered

  • If you meditate, does that mean you are going to be happier than those who do not meditate?
  • If you meditate, does that mean you are going to be more self-disciplined than those who do not meditate?
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Key Questions Answered

  • What is true enlightenment?
  • Aren't all truly enlightened supposed to have the same perspective in life?