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Numerous times, I’ve thought about doing this camp but wasn’t sure where to fit in. I’m pleased to announce a two-day event I’ll be holding with Sadhvi Vrinda on creative writing. In this camp,  you will learn about:

  1. The art of writing a good narrative
  2. Choosing and selecting the best POV (Point of View) in your writing
  3. How to build your plot
  4. Understanding the Three Act Structure
  5. How to infuse conflict and humor in your writing
  6. Ways to depict inner thoughts
  7. The art of writing gripping dialog
  8. How to build a storyline.
  9. Various methods to write your book
  10. How to develop the characters in your book
  11. The art of pacing
  12. The path to publishing your book

Love and peace,

Total video content in this course: 7.5 hours.
Language: English
Original Recording: Sri Badrika Ashram, India.
Month and Year: Feb – Mar 2020
Course Fee: $120. Details below.

Course Fee

This entire course is now offered on pay-whatever-you like model. It’s based on the honor code, on humanity, on trust. If you found it beneficial, you can pay whatever it was worth to you. If you can’t afford it, no problems, you can still view the entire course. Everything is now unlocked.

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