Update: 14-Jun-2022. The intake is now closed. Thank you for the overwhelming response. I went through every single one of the 120+ extremely relevant applications. After much deliberation, out of a longlist of 85+ applications, we shortlisted 17. Confirmed candidates will hear from us within one week (everyone in the shortlist will get a reply either way).

Every now and then, I receive a request for executive life-coaching. These are usually from people who are at the pinnacle of their career but have hit a glass ceiling. What they know has brought them quite far in life but they wish to go further. In just three minutes (my usual meeting duration at the ashram), I’m unable to offer them the practical guidance they seek. And whenever I’ve taken the time out to provide strategic guidance, they’ve often come back asking for more.

In the last two years, I worked with a handful of high-performance CxOs and entrepreneurs with remarkable results. Some doubled their income, another CEO grew their company revenues 1.5x, one’s market cap grew over eight times, and yet another one streamlined and consolidated the diverse business groups of his conglomerate.

Think of one-on-one life coaching as a masterclass and not kindergarten. Whether you are facing challenges in your personal, professional or business life, I’d like to help you by offering a different take on life and things in general. I have seen numerous times that smart people rapidly scale the heights of greatness with just a bit of guidance. 

This is a one-year commitment for achievers who are looking for lasting transformation. I only have the bandwidth for four candidates. We’ll stay in touch using video calls (usually 8-12 calls of 30-45 min in a year), plus emails, and personal meetings. 

Selection in my life-coaching program is a three step process. If you are shortlisted, you will receive a questionnaire for the second step, followed by a brief personality and psychological evaluation in the third. This is not to doubt you but simply to ensure a good fit.

The last time I announced this program there were more than 300 high-quality applications. I’ve streamlined the process a bit more so I’m expecting a somewhat lower volume, but at any rate, if you are interested, go ahead and apply. If you are selected, you will hear from me within 72 hours regarding the next step.

I enjoy working with intelligent, focused and passionate people. Together, we can make this world a better place. 

One last thing before you go ahead and apply. If you just want my presence as a guru in your life, please do not fill out this form. You can see me at the ashram or many other events. Almost everyone who visits me at least gets to see me in a small group and some individually too. My only criteria for meeting people is based on the urgency and gravity of the issue they are facing. This application for life-coaching is an entirely different ballgame. It’s not for those who just see me as their guru but for those who wish to utilize my knowledge/wisdom to elevate their consciousness, to reach the next level in their lives. It’s not for everyone. See this as applying for the job of a CEO. 

Now, if you would like to apply for a spot, please fill out this form herePlease note that the annual intake is now closed. If you still wish to go ahead and fill out the form to be on the waitlist for the next intake, you can do so.

Your responses will remain confidential.


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