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OSME Digest: Embrace

Welcome to your weekly dose of OSME-ness. While I was collecting articles for this round-up, I noticed some new writers and several new ideas. It’s a matter of pride for me to see the community churn out brilliant articles and great … Read more →

A Year on Platform Extraordinaire!

Congratulations, ye’ all! It has been a year since we started writing on And what a year it has been!  It started with a vision to be a place for truthfulness and kindness. Soon, the mind-blowing Karma Program that pays members … Read more →

An Action-Packed Week and Phenomenal Reads

What do you like to read? “The message from my bank that says salary credited,” said a friend, borrowing from a joke not far from reality. Then I shared a few pieces from with her, and her list has … Read more →

What’s Trending on

Swamiji’s much-awaited post was titled Lies. The sweet irony then that it ignited a flame of truths in our favourite space. Truth has been trending on It is our very foundation. Whether or not it’s ok to lie sometimes … Read more →

Exciting Times Ahead!

It’s time. I am thrilled to share with you that I have an exciting opportunity for you to win free access to our popular Creative Writing course or make $50, or win a free membership to All you have … Read more →

Truth Be Told With Nupur Sharma

Welcome to yet another instalment of Truth Be Told, a unique endeavour by to bring to you inspirational stories of people who make this world a better place with their compassion, hard work, kindness, talent, and honesty. We go … Read more →

10 Reasons to be Grateful + Magic of March at

March is magical. March is when my season starts. I am not a winter person. Through the winter, I am just lying under my duvet waiting for all the coldness of life to blow over. I don’t know if this … Read more →

Truth Be Told with Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

Truth Be Told, in a world of literary canon written by men for men, it is tough to come across narratives which are true to women’s lives. So, this month, as we celebrate feminine energy, form and stories at, … Read more →

Love, Sex and Spirituality + Shoutouts

When I wrote that headline I wasn’t sure the members of the platform would be ok with the word sex in it. After all, the three-letter word is not something we are comfortable discussing openly, despite the fact that the … Read more →

Wise Jumbuck | Amish Tripathi, Bhavna Roy and Om Swami

The erudite siblings, Amish and Bhavna Roy, who have co-authored the book Dharma: Decoding the Epics for a Meaningful Life, and Om Swamiji, who is a best-selling author and an authority on all things dharma and karma, got together over … Read more →

Truth Be Told with Olympian Vijender Singh [Updated]

Update 5-Feb 6:30 pm IST:  Thanks for waiting. The full interview with Vijender Singh has now been published. Do not forget to comment & share your thoughts. You can follow our Youtube Channel for notifications.   Olympic medalist Vijender Singh … Read more →

10 Meditations on Making Life Meaningful

That is Olympian Vijender Singh in the header image. He is the Indian pugilist who made history. But, I’ll come to him later. First, meditation, meaning and more.   Meditation is a practice which helps us reach a higher state … Read more →

Truth Be Told with Ikigai author Francesc Miralles

We go about living our lives with a yearning for meaning and purpose. We wonder if there is more to life than just chasing materialistic goals and professional milestones? What if I told you that there is indeed a way … Read more →

Reclaiming My Time

The past week has been about embracing a brand New Year. Plans were made to ring in 2021 in style, resolutions were made hoping to keep at those for longer, and a collective sigh of relief was inhaled and exhaled … Read more →

Willing Will Smith into my Life

This month last year, I met Michael Phelps. The meeting was in the works for 15 years in the universe. It was the most crazy manifestation I ever brought about in my life, without even working for it. And the … Read more →