Of all of god’s creations, human beings are the only ones that have the ability to see the invisible, imagine the unbelievable and do the impossible. Most times, we fail to recognize that our real self is far more powerful and capable than what we think.

If you are going through one such phase in your life and looking through destiny in life quotes, you have reached the right destination. In this article, we will take a closer look at how you can change your destiny by changing your karma.

What is Destiny?

Divine consciousness gives us the strength to overcome all the problems we face in life. It is not always possible to understand the relationship between karma, destiny, and suffering from intellectual analysis but once we experience it, no one knows better than us that unstoppable positive changes are bound to follow.

But in order to experience this, we must first understand karma and destiny philosophy, which starts with realizing that in any given situation, we are not alone. An invisible power called universal consciousness is forever with us and it gives us all the power we need to change our lives.

With this realization, you will start to see life on a totally different tangent. Most problems in life seem like an issue when we feel we have to tackle them on our own. Whether it is a financial situation, a health condition, or a relationship issue, we are unsure about how to face it or come back to life.

But what you need to know is that you are never alone; you are always connected to divinity, which is present all the time, everywhere, and in everyone.

Can You Change Your Destiny by Changing Karma?

A lot of people ask this question: if they are a part of god and god is a part of them, then why do they suffer? The answer to that is neither are they a part of god nor is god a part of them – everything is made up of universal energy or universal consciousness, which some people refer to as god.

We are a combination of a physical and non-physical body which means physically, we have a body that has no power and there is an omnipresent power that has nobody. The omnipresent universal presence gives us all the power we need to bring changes to our lives. So simply put, god will not work for us, God will work with us.

We are blessed with the strength to change our life only when we realize the truth about karma. Life is not about what we have but what we choose to experience with what we have.

Karma is the cause for all experiences we have – it has the power to control experiences. In understandable terms, your karma determines your destiny and every person has the power to change their destiny by altering their karma. But for this, we should have clarity about what we want to experience in our future.

10 Ways to Change Your Destiny

If you find yourself often wondering whether you are in control of your destiny or if it can be changed, consider these ten easy steps to fulfill your destiny and purpose.

1. Start your day with prayer

Praying is essential for every person of faith. You will feel far better than before when you begin your day by communicating with god. This is an intimate connection that you build with the supreme being, knowing in your heart that it looks over you.

2. Write down your vision

Write down the things you want to change. Be precise and clear in such a way that even if you had to explain it to someone else, they would be able to comprehend it too. Visualizing truly helps with building the future you want for yourself.

3. Make your vision clear

Consider what, when, where, why, and how you wish to activate your vision. Think about the goals you have and the time you will take to achieve them. Be clear about the lifestyle changes you will need to build the future of your choice and look at ways in which you can sustain the expected outcome.

4. Consider obstacles

Think about anything and everything that can become a hindrance to you and try to keep those factors at bay. This way, nothing will prevent you from birthing your vision and you will soon have the future you wanted.

5. Overcome barriers

Once you have thought about the limitations that can hinder you from achieving your destiny, plan and work towards avoiding them or at least dealing with them in the best possible way when the time comes. Don’t worry about being defeated by these obstacles because with the right attitude, you can overcome anything.

6. Establish goals

Jot down specific goals that you would want to achieve within a specific timeline. Capture the finest of details and ensure even if you don’t have a huge number of goals, the ones you have are qualitative.

7. Create a schedule

Schedule the steps that you will take to achieve your goals. Routines always help to accomplish what you desire so take out some time to plan ahead.

8. Measure your goals

Track the steps you are taking towards your goals. Every time you complete a portion of your goal, make a note of it. Congratulate yourself for coming as far as you have and humbly continue to work towards completing all of it.

9. Keep on moving

You are still breathing and it’s not over. You are going to get there, and soon. Stay focused and do not let distractions get in the way. All you need to do is feel determined to succeed.

10.  Relax

Recline, sit back, and enjoy the fruits of your labor as they begin to emerge. Don’t rush it because what’s important is that you make the most of the moment and what it has to offer.

Change Your Destiny Quotes

“Change your direction and you will change your destiny.”

~ Mark Victor Hansen

“Actions are the seed of fate, deeds grow into destiny.”

~ Harry Truman

“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.”

~ William Shakespeare


Now that you have a clearer idea of how you can fulfill your destiny and purpose, we would like to emphasize the importance of journaling as a concluding thought.

When you document what you do on a daily basis, it helps you introspect and bridge the gap between what you planned to accomplish and what you really managed to accomplish in the end. Journaling allows you to slowly learn how to work with yourself.

It will be easier to accept your failures and nurture self-love. As a result, you will be in harmony with not just yourself but also the world around you.