Mohit's writings

  Posted 4w ago

Humans As Commodity

My evolving views on Marriages

  Posted 1mo ago

A Small Achievement

Another milestone in a long journey when selected as Excise Inspector

  Posted in 10mo ago

Poverty and I

My Encounter with an Uncle and his desire

  Posted 2y ago

I’m Not A Bad Son

My life in all the conflicts and clashes

  Posted 2y ago

Rituals of a Dead Person

The Journey of first 13 days

  Posted 2y ago

Anarchy in Democracy

Sharing my views on nature of punishment

  Featured 2y ago

Truth and Beyond

The unconditional support of family

  Featured 2y ago

A Fight for Dreams

The challenges and struggles on the path

  Posted 2y ago

Difference Between Love and Lust

What Love and Lust actually is?

  Posted 2y ago

Unshakable Faith

Story of a small boy

  Posted 2y ago

My Bicycle 🚲

The Journey of 10 years with my bicycle

  Posted 2y ago

Why Did I Grow Old?

My short story of going home to home

  Posted 2y ago

Why I Chose Not to Marry Anyone?

Sharing my philosophy of marriage and how should it happen.

  Posted 2y ago

Why Don’t I Take “Prasada” Anymore?

My story of getting beaten in a temple

  Posted 2y ago

Little Success

A big day for me