Pritha's writings

10mo ago

Matriarchy vs Patriarchy vs Equality

Necessity is the mother of invention - even for the societal norms

11mo ago

Handling our needs

Needs that haunt us and keep us awake - which one to fulfil and...

11mo ago

An average mind

Half-cup empty or half-cup full - a quest to fill-up the void

11mo ago

A Call for Sacrifice

Equality and Diversity - We need to make some sacrifices

11mo ago

Life – Dreaming or Owning?

Do you keep dreaming about a life that has been sold to you or...

12mo ago

Love and Care – Tamaso Ma Jyotirgamaya

Fulfilment of Needs to Acceptance of Reality - Live and Let Live

12mo ago

A flower bloomed and the world became...

Matter, consciousness and experience: Literals, expressions and information

1 year ago

Swami Vivekananda speaking from Chicago, in 1893!

Eternal Truth and Light shining through Vivekananda's words