3w ago

Marshmellow Musings

How to work and even play in an agile fashion

1mo ago

The Butterfly Effect

War and Peace - What is the end-game?

3mo ago

E.I. — The Third Eye

Inculcating Emotional Intelligence — can we do this?

3mo ago

An Active Day!

I can still have a baby's day out..

5mo ago

One Last Wish

Waiting to see you and hear you one last time..

5mo ago

Where is Home?

Searching Outside? Or, Looking Inside?

5mo ago

Paying Enough for Services?

Minimum wage for domestic help

6mo ago

Community Vs Individual

A conflict between the societal goal and individual aspirations , or is it an...

6mo ago

Circles of Influence

What sort of social interactions really matter to us?

8mo ago

Relativity of Truth

Truth may be absolute, but its dissemination is often relative.

7mo ago

The Worrier

Worrying about the future is useless

8mo ago


"Stay Foolish, Stay Hungry" - Steve Jobs

8mo ago

Being Understood

Effective communication can be difficult - Ten things to think through!

8mo ago

The Inner Voice

Listen to your inner voice