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One Last Wish

Waiting to see you and hear you one last time..

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Where is Home?

Searching Outside? Or, Looking Inside?

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Paying Enough for Services?

Minimum wage for domestic help

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Community Vs Individual

A conflict between the societal goal and individual aspirations , or is it an...

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Circles of Influence

What sort of social interactions really matter to us?

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Relativity of Truth

Truth may be absolute, but its dissemination is often relative.

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The Worrier

Worrying about the future is useless

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"Stay Foolish, Stay Hungry" - Steve Jobs

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My Truth

Being righteous

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Being Understood

Effective communication can be difficult - Ten things to think through!

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The Inner Voice

Listen to your inner voice

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From Desires, Through the Differences to Acceptance

Little drops make an ocean of goodness— let's bring a change!

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Reminiscing a Poem by Rabindranath Tagore

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Matriarchy vs Patriarchy vs Equality

Necessity is the mother of invention - even for the societal norms

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Handling our needs

Needs that haunt us and keep us awake - which one to fulfil and...

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