Someone kindly guided me to these Mesmerising words from Swami Vivekananda, himself, in Chicago, 1893.

Swami Vivekanda from Chicago, in 1893!

The truth has been told many times. The path has been shown many times.

Yet, we, people, forget and ravage this world of ours, through war, greed, and negligence.

It is hard to even believe that the image of ourselves in our own mind is just an image, a concoction of our genetic afflictions, our education, and the trends and beliefs inculcated in our society that we grow up in. We did not choose to do so, it is just what it is. So, questioning the composition of that image of ourselves, is rather extraordinary and takes a lot of time to assimilate. Then, getting that strength of will to delve deep into the unknown of depth of our consciousness is rather daunting, even for someone, who gets the theory. Since, practicing anything is really thousand times harder than learning the theory.

So, there you go, sisters and brothers of,

Uttishthata, jagrata, prapya baran nibodhato!

Arise, awake, and learn from the sages!