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When Google had no answer to my question

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Five Rules for Nobody

Self-reminders to remain a happy speck of dust.

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Showing gratitude to our Guru.

Living by His teachings is the greatest form of gratitude we can offer.

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From Mindy to Mindless

The unnecessary use of labels and how I overcame it.

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Why so serious?

Take it easy. Laugh at yourself. It's therapeutic.

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I Only Exist Right Now

Any idea of ourselves is in the past or the future. None of which...

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Do you enjoy Misery? I did, then...

I changed from being a victim to victor, overcoming hurdles in the journey of...

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The Beauty of Impermanence

Sometimes the greatest permanence is in accepting impermanence

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A Shopaholic’s Decluttering Project for Self-Transformation

A simple act of decluttering my wardrobe helped empty my mind and simplify life

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Overcoming guilt

How to overcome the burden of guilt? - My understanding

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Genuine people in a complex world

The subtle art and the fun consequences of being genuine in today's complex world.

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Understanding Jealousy

'Me? Jealous? Never!' Who are we kidding?:)

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Love to Love

Love is what remains when they all leave

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Social understanding

Stay away and I’ll love you more.

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