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  • Always be in Sri Hari Charan kanwal. "Charan Sewak of Sri Hari Prabhu"

  • Lucky go guy . Explorer of Life. Content & Curious. Obsessed with Comics. Ear for good story. Persistent day dreamer.

  • Just a young explorer in the world of spirituality.

  • I firmly believe in what I say. And i believe that you're cherished. You are gracious. You are valuable and gorgeous.

  • Life, Zen and Everything in between

  • A bird snared in the self-made cage, oblivious of the door to infinity, Swami smilingly ajarred the door, with his limitless affinity, My wings are still so feeble

  • A student and a disciple of om swamiji. I write about whatever I have heard by my elders or whatever I have read in a book or have seen somewhere.

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