Sometimes, I tell people to live their life to the fullest and at times they ask me how to do that or what does it even mean? The answer is quite simple, and, it’s something I can tell you reflecting on my own life. 

I look forward to my mornings, and can’t wait to get out of bed so I can go through another beautiful day and do something meaningful. Maybe scribble a few words, answer a few emails, help some people, or play a bit of piano. I have realized, as is the case with many people, that to feel truly happy, I must have a productive day. My productivity is my relaxation.

I am the happiest when I know I helped someone smile, or brought hope in their life, or when I feel that I worked towards a productive goal, like Black Lotus, my books or blog or anything creative. 

An unfailing sign of a fulfilling life is when you have made your reality as beautiful as your dreams, when you devote yourself to creating something that uplifts you and inspire others. 

And please note the use of the word “made” in the previous paragraph. We “make” our reality beautiful. On its own everything is ordinary. Our efforts, intentions, and understanding make it extraordinary. Believe me, it is in your hands. A much of what matters is.

I am deeply thankful to the Universe for everything and it’s a joy to share my journey with you. 

Wish you all a Happy Diwali too! May your blessed life be full of colors and light.