Sad is a strange word. Ask someone if they are sad, they will usually tell you that they are okay and even if they are, after a few minutes the waft of sadness comes out of nowhere and lingers on for a wee bit. Try it anyday. Say to one of your loved ones, “Are you alright? You look sad.” 

“Yes, I’m great,” they will answer.
“Are you sure? You sound a bit down.”

Within moments, their mind will shift to the not-so-desirable aspects of their lives and they will start to feel not as great as they did just before you popped the question. A lot in life, therefore, is not about what is happening to us but what we choose to dwell on. Whatever we contemplate on, stays and grows. Think negative thoughts and negativity magnifies. Think positive thoughts and inspiration shines. 

The next time you speak to someone, or they speak to you, no matter how difficult the situation may be, try and select positive, inspiring and hopeful words. Life will feel a lot easier then.