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The Fear of Death

All sane people have it — the fear of death. Let me segregate it into two parts: fear from an immediate threat and the fear of losing life in the distant future. At the bottom of the second type is … Read more →

The Truth of Death [Hindi]

Recorded last year, here is a video discourse for you in Hindi on death. Following is a translated excerpt to give you an overview. My topic today is Death, a phase everyone has to go through. The one that starts … Read more →

The Simple Truth

I am not sure how things were a hundred years ago or earlier but reading up on history and anthropology, you realize that more and more people lived in tightly knit communities. Even most families were joint families where brothers, … Read more →

Healing Through Forgiveness

A vast majority of the people I meet are going through one problem or another in life. At any point in time, of the ones in trouble, roughly 15% are ill (physically or mentally), 10% are undergoing a financial crunch, … Read more →

Prashna-Uttar Satra

This session covers questions and answers on the following : What is the date if one is born after midnight? How to go beyond the influence of planets? In a family business, does a family member’s planetary position affects the … Read more →

Startup Success – 3 Golden Principles

90% of all new businesses fail in the first year itself. They never get to celebrate their anniversary. If you examine such companies, it’s hardly ever a surprise why they fail. Startups that are designed to scale and be profitable … Read more →

Aging Gracefully

“I’m afraid of aging,” someone said to me the other day. “I don’t want a wrinkly face or a stooped body. I am paranoid about slipping and falling in washrooms or losing consciousness as I age. In fact, I don’t … Read more →

Give a Damn about Something

As a philosopher, you might ponder over the meaning of life, but if you want to be happy, it’s the meaning in life that matters.  Call it a mid-life crisis or a higher calling, at some point in time, every … Read more →

The Right to Die

Dear swami My wife has finally committed suicide……I am responsible for her death… My admin team received this message in the wee hours of the morning last week from a loving and distraught husband. He then wrote requesting a personal … Read more →

When Loss Hurts

What is the one thing that will be a great source of strength when dealing with your loss? How to find happiness after suffering a loss? What we perceive to be our greatest loss, is it really a loss? What … Read more →

The Heart of Success

In Indian villages, even today, when an elephant passes through a village, all the elders gather and fold their hands in reverence. They also nudge the children to do the same and bow to the majestic pachyderm. “This is Lord … Read more →

The Last Letter

In any given year, on an average, I skim over 10,000 emails, and 3,000+ notes and letters sent to me physically during various events (still better than three times as many emails until 2014). This does not include hundreds of … Read more →

Wake up! Time is Running Out!

A Buddha Story Legend has it that Buddha was once delivering a sermon in Jetavana and at the end, he said, “Wake up! Time is running out!” An hour later, he stepped out with his closest disciples including the ever-serving … Read more →

The Bowl That Never Fills

“I’ve come with great hope, O King!” the aghori said. “Can Your Majesty grant my wish?”“Say what you seek,” the king replied. “I’ve plenty for charity.”“Just this bowl I need filled.” The aghori extended his bowl.“That’s all? The social affairs … Read more →


Akbar and Birbal were once taking a stroll in disguise. Roaming around incognito to experience the ground reality of his people was something Akbar did routinely. At a distance, Akbar saw a woodcutter drinking water from a well. “How do … Read more →