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The Source of Fear

Pema Chödrön in When Things Fall Apart narrates an interesting incident about her master Trungpa Rinpoche — a bold and controversial but transparent and truthful teacher. A young boy once asked him if he was ever afraid. Rinpoche answered that … Read more →

The Seed of Fearlessness

It was May 1986, I was six and a half years old and had just got into grade two in my school. It was so boring. All periods were held by the same teacher in my class. Everyday, for all the … Read more →

The Antidote to Fear

We all have fears. Fear of what may happen in the future, of skeletons in the closet, of failing others and ourselves. We fear what if our worst fears come true. Most of our anxiety stems from such fears. We … Read more →

The Greatest Fear

“I’m scared every time I go into the ring, but it’s how you handle it. What you have to do is plant your feet, bite down on your mouthpiece and say, ‘Let’s go.’ ” These are the words of Mike … Read more →

The Fear of Death

All sane people have it — the fear of death. Let me segregate it into two parts: fear from an immediate threat and the fear of losing life in the distant future. At the bottom of the second type is … Read more →

Fear of the Dark

Everyone has fear, only the degree varies. It is innate, it forms part of our survival mechanism for it triggers the fight-or-flight response. Allow me to begin with a question I was asked the other day. A wonderful lady, the … Read more →

The Simple Truth

I am not sure how things were a hundred years ago or earlier but reading up on history and anthropology, you realize that more and more people lived in tightly knit communities. Even most families were joint families where brothers, … Read more →

The Sadness Virus

A young man, Peter, inherited a small independent pharmacy in a rather busy market. He had always wanted to be a guitarist but couldn’t turn his passion into a career and so when his father passed away, the pharmacy fell … Read more →

The Secret of Great Communication

It’s one of those days. I am casting a vacant look at my blank screen as if some words will tumble out of it and write my post magically. As if I’ll just write “Peace. Swami” and not the more … Read more →

Aging Gracefully

“I’m afraid of aging,” someone said to me the other day. “I don’t want a wrinkly face or a stooped body. I am paranoid about slipping and falling in washrooms or losing consciousness as I age. In fact, I don’t … Read more →

Youth Questions and Answers – Part Three

In this session: How can we start earning early Questions on overcoming fear, awakening, karma, attachment, and ego. Miscellaneous questions Being kind to those who hurt us Access Required Purchase this course to get full content access and progress tracking. Course Benefits … Read more →

The Right to Die

Dear swami My wife has finally committed suicide……I am responsible for her death… My admin team received this message in the wee hours of the morning last week from a loving and distraught husband. He then wrote requesting a personal … Read more →

Just Like That : 0 – 40

Today, I’ve turned forty. At least, this body has; ignorance doesn’t age, it remains fresh as ever. Now, I know that turning forty is not exactly an achievement, certainly nothing to write home about. But, I am extremely content, happy … Read more →

When Loss Hurts

What is the one thing that will be a great source of strength when dealing with your loss? How to find happiness after suffering a loss? What we perceive to be our greatest loss, is it really a loss? What … Read more →

Hungry Baba and the New Normal

We all have weaknesses. Let me tell you mine. At least one of them. Here: I don’t offer explanations. I can’t. The explanation bone is missing in my body. When someone questions my decisions or my intention, instead of justifying … Read more →