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50 Spiritual Quotes To Help You Master Life

Table of Content Spiritual Quotes Spiritual awakening quotes Spiritual quotes about love  Spiritual healing quotes Spiritual quotes . . . Looking for more? Read this entire post and access all premium content with our online membership. Member Benefits Full access … Read more →

November Stands On The Cusp

It is December, just like that. Well played, Corona. Just kidding. The festivity is inescapable in its cheer. There is a sense of excitement in the air. And we are already making plans for Christmas. When Sushree Diya Om asked … Read more →

Elements of a Good Story and Plot

Topics covered in this session: Elements of a good story Understanding plot Creating a plot in one line How to simplify plot creation Access Required Purchase this course to get full content access and progress tracking. Course Benefits Full access … Read more →


It’s a blessing if you can harness it and be inspired while reveling in it. If not, it is the root cause of persistent restlessness and emptiness. It makes you feel everything is out of place and that you are … Read more →

The Four Truths of Life

“There’s only one thing I seek from God,” the young girl said. “Forgiveness. Other than forgiveness, there’s nothing else I want.” “My father was HIV positive and his last days were extremely painful,” she continued. “He couldn’t even move and … Read more →

How Much is Enough?

Legend has it that Alexander III of Greece, commonly known as Alexander the Great, sent one of his messengers to invite the quiet yogi Dandini for a discourse and discussion on philosophy. After conquering the world at the cost of … Read more →

The Most Important Task

If you ask me what should be your top priority in life, I certainly won’t say enlightenment or praying to God. I won’t even say that it’s to serve others. The first thing I will say is that to take … Read more →

Himalayan Silence

It is roughly three in the morning as I write this post. Gusty winds are blowing as if they want to uproot the Himalayas. Old and tall trees are swaying like they are trying to embrace each other. Out of … Read more →

The Source of Emotions

Last week, I promised to share with you a meditation technique to help you go to the source of your emotions so you understand them better. The more you understand something, the better you can cope with it. At face … Read more →

Life is a Struggle

I go through anywhere between two to three thousand emails every month. Ninety percent of these emails are from people who are struggling with one thing or the other. Some of them are tired of battling and resisting, they are … Read more →

Ekagrata — The Practice of Concentration

In the preceding article on concentration, I briefly talked about the importance of one-pointed concentration. In this post I bring to you the practice to improve concentration. The term is ekagrata, single-mindedness. If I split this word for better understanding, … Read more →

Depression: The Yogic View

Today I found out about someone who is suffering from depression. I sincerely wished I could see them in person and help them come out of it. Since that may not be possible considering my physical location, I am choosing … Read more →