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What is Love?

Continuing from my last post, I share with you the four pillars, four constituents of love. If you see what I mean, I promise, by the time you finish reading this post, you’ll have a new perspective on love. What … Read more →

Deep Quotes on Love and Life to Change Your Reality

Table of Content Deep Quotes Short Deep quotes Deep Quotes about Life Deep Quotes from Twitter

Meeting Mother Divine + 10 Ways She Touches Us + Reason 101 to love OS.ME

March was full of activities for We will get to the round up, but I can’t keep calm until I say it out loud — Om Swamiji wrote a bonus post! Did you read it yet? He sprung a … Read more →

I Love You

I love you.   We use this phrase so easily these days, have you noticed? Influencers saying this to their audience of millions, rockstars hollering it to the large crowd gathered at their concerts, and vendors writing it to their … Read more →

Day 11: Divine Love

In this culminating session, Sadhvi Vrinda Om shares the essence of being a human and how to gain spiritual insight. She recites a beautiful poem on love and delves into the teachings of Srimad Bhagavad Geeta. . . . … Read more →

Day 13: Love and Attachment

As we progress on this journey, with every day, a new dimension unfolds. In this beautiful session, Swamiji speaks about a significant hurdle in spiritual progress and the deeper meaning of love. He also shares a personal experience displaying the … Read more →

Love, Sex and Spirituality + Shoutouts

When I wrote that headline I wasn’t sure the members of the platform would be ok with the word sex in it. After all, the three-letter word is not something we are comfortable discussing openly, despite the fact that the … Read more →

10 Ways to Love Better

February might be the most confused month, for it can’t even decide how many days it wants, I agree with Saurah Dixit. Yet, it has the most predictable theme. Love. And I could write a lot about how it means … Read more →

What Only Love Does…

Love, like faith, is beyond logic or rationale. It is the very thing that propels us to grow, transform and make the impossible possible. I am not sure if faith can move mountains but I am certain that if the … Read more →

The Art of Love

To love is an art and perhaps the most important one, for love is not only the fundamental ingredient of harmony in relationships but also the basis of our very existence. It is the one thing everyone desires and offers … Read more →

A Fistful of Love

A man was sitting with his friends in a local inn. After a couple of drinks, he asked his friends, “Do you love me?” “Of course, we do,” they replied. “So do you know what I need?” No one answered. … Read more →

A Word on Love

So often I meet people who tell me that they don’t get along with their partners. “Our views don’t match, our habits, our goals are different, there’s no compatibility,” they say. Often man is looking for more freedom and personal … Read more →

When Care Destroys Love

We are programmed to believe that the more we care, the more we love. But sometimes, love means giving yourself and the other person some space to reflect and grow. Love needs breathing room to expand. When you do what … Read more →

Love and Hate

I get all sorts of emails. They get filed and marked by a team of volunteers. Approximately 50% of the readers write to seek my opinion on their trials and tribulations of life. A whopping 30% email purely to show … Read more →

A Fistful of Love

The mind is easily distracted by new people or objects that come into our lives. In the process, we may unintentionally hurt our loved ones by either letting go of them or trying to change them. But is this what … Read more →