This is the fifth discourse of the six in the series on Bhaj Govindam. The verses used in the discourse are as follows:
रथ्याचर्पट-विरचित-कन्थः पुण्यापुण्य-विवर्जित-पन्थः। योगी योगनियोजित चित्तः रमते बालोन्मत्तवदेव ॥22॥
 The yogi who has given up worldly conventionalities and is established in the supreme bliss, wanders fearlessly and freely like a toddler.

कस्त्वं कोऽहं कुत आयातः का मे जननी को मे तातः। इति परिभावय सर्वमसारम् विश्वं त्यक्त्वा स्वप्नविचारम् ॥23॥
Who is who? From where have you and others come? Let go off the intellectualized knowledge. This world is no more real than a dream and just as temporary.

त्वयि मयि चान्यत्रैको विष्णुः व्यर्थं कुप्यसि सर्वसहिष्णुः। सर्वस्मिन्नपि पश्यात्मानं सर्वत्रोत्सृज भेदाज्ञानम् ॥24॥
The same God dwells in absolutely everyone. Bar none. See the identical soul in everyone. Come off your conditioning.

शत्रौ मित्रे पुत्रे बन्धौ मा कुरु यत्नं विग्रहसन्धौ। भव समचित्तः सर्वत्र त्वं वाछंसि अचिराद् यदि विष्णुत्वम्॥25॥
Do not get attached to those you call your own or hate your foes. With an even mind see the same Divine in all, especially if you want to be one with Him.

कामं क्रोधं लोभं मोहं त्यक्त्वात्मानं भावय कोऽहम्। आत्मज्ञानविहीना मूढाः ते पच्यन्ते नरकनिगूढाः ॥26॥
Stop lusting after beautiful forms for temporary pleasures. Give up anger, greed and attachments. Only true knowledge can save you from the miseries.

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