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  • Ravi Om Trivedi

    On a journey from Somebody to Nobody. Love, Live, Laugh, Give. "They alone live who live for others" Swami Vivekananda.

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    Medha Shri

    I am grateful to the universe for all the adventures and experiences, of which there have been many big-ticket ones. Still nothing as exciting as

  • Urja

    Live, Love, Laugh💞

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    His boy.

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    Rashmi Ramanathan

    Forever a student in the school of life! Few favourite words:Love,faith, compassion, gratitude! Believe in and also try to follow, Live and let Live😊

  • Nancy Singh

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    Here, I was lost in the utter darkness and then, I found the light in the form of Om Swami. 🌼🌼🌼

  • Swathi

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    Akshay OM

    A nobody at divine Lotus Feet of Beloved Gurudeva

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    Silence has all the answers .

  • Kadambini Rana

    From years in Corporate cabin into conceiving my venture Yogamat Life after a rigorous Isha Hatha Yoga Teacher Training has been a transformative journey. Teaching Classical Hatha Yoga and doing Wellness consulting have assisted me in exploring my full expression and calling . Everyone has a story to tell, so do I, in everyday wonders of life. An empath; I feel more than I think, or perhaps both equally 🙂

  • 29. Lucid, tempestuous and humane.

  • Hetal Sonpal

    Hetal Sonpal is a accomplished business leader with 21+ years in the Tech industry. He advices and mentors startups, helping them on Sales Hetal is a "Mentor of Change" for Niti Ayog and mentors school children on Innovation programs. He is also a motivational speaker and loves to write on varied topics.

  • Amarendra Om

    I am a disciple of His Holiness Sri Om Swami! Swamiji is my Spiritual Father and I am trying to become His able and good son!

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    Anamika Sureka

  • Global Citizen. LOVE ALL, SERVE ALL is my signature and mission. Sanatana Dharma practitioner and Guruji's soldier to spread TRUTH AND COMPASSION

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    Jatinder Airy

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    Hiral Rai

    Student for life..

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    Journey to self discovery 🙏

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