7mo ago

Happiness is an Inside Job

Only person you have control over is you yourself

9mo ago

River of Life

Understanding human emotions is a difficult task

9mo ago

Journey Towards Spirituality

If there was no pain, no suffering there would be no spirituality.

11mo ago

What is Your Tipping Point?

No real transformation can occur in our life until we reach a tipping point

1 year ago


How intense is the desire for liberation burning in you?

1 year ago

Who Am I

Am I the thinking mind or the observing awareness?

1 year ago

Nothing Sells Like Fear

Fear is the greatest weapon social media has

1 year ago

To Understand Why We Do the Things...

Without understanding how our brain functions there is no hope of living a fulfilling...

1 year ago

What is Your Center

Living without a center is like sailing without a rudder

1 year ago

Not All Days Are Equal

What do the stormy days reveal to us

1 year ago

Thoughts and Mind

Central and peripheral awareness