If you will look attentively at all the activities this body and mind indulgence in, you will realize all the activities which give pleasure end in making you more miserable.

 If you keep looking to find the reason for it, you will soon realize that it is due to impermanent nature of all things.

For all the activities or stimulus that gives us pleasure have an origin and an end. When the end comes and stimulus is stopped it will cause pain to the body.

All things which arise in this world have a very short lifespan.

We suffer when we come in contact with a stimulus we don’t like, or when we crave for a stimulus or when a likeable pleasure giving stimulus is removed.

Alas all the activities we indulge in doing in this world will fall in one or other of above described three categories.

Thus a wise person comes to the understanding that no real happiness can be achieved from this temporary, ever changing world. 

We may understand this concept of impermanence and suffering theoretically but it is of little use.

For the tendencies, craving and desires of the mind are so strong that to resist them is next to impossible with only theoretical knowledge.

When the desires come calling all the theoretical knowledge evaporates, like water from a dying well and we follow the craving like a moth to a flame.

Without practical experience nothing worthwhile can be achieved.

So follow the proverb “Learn to walk the talk”

Thank you and please share your views and comments.

Jai Shree Hari.