Our minds are creation of the society we live in. As long as we live in a society some information is continuously fed from society to our mind. Thus a mind living in a society is a conditioned mind and can never know the Truth.

The ultimate truth is beyond this man made world we have created. What is important to realize is that Truth will remain same irrespective of time, place, person and society.

What we call our truth is most of times pseudo truth because what is true according to one person may not be true for other person, because both of them are analyzing the situation based on their previous experiences and beliefs which may be poles apart. 

For most people their beliefs are their truth and they form the foundation on which their lives are built upon. Beliefs come from what religion you follow and what society you live in.  But what is sin in one society may not be in other. What is right thing to do in one culture may be totally wrong and looked down upon in other. Remember the litmus test of truth is that it will remain same irrespective of time, place, person and society.

Following the beliefs blindly will never lead us to truth. Belief can never take place of experience. In fact belief without experience is a hindrance, it takes us further away from truth. If you believe in your beliefs blindly, you stop seeking because you think you have found your truth.

So what should be the staring point of any seeker ?

It is to empty your cup and to realize what Socrates once said “All I know is that I do not know anything”

Then seek out to find the truth which is not only true for you but true for whole creation because truth cannot be subjective.

Thank you and please share your views in comments section.

Jai Shree Hari.

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