All suffering is due to dual nature of mind. Minds is always oscillating between attachment and aversion.

There is no bondage here other than craving for things that mind wants and the anxiety to avoid what one considers undesirable.

For a person who is asleep life is a mere go round between running after what his mind finds desirable and running away from what mind considers undesirable.

Craving is the biggest enemy of any person, be always vigilant to even the smallest of temptation which may very softly come from your mind.

Small cravings may look like an innocent indulgence.

But remember that craving comes like a small spark  which starts a tiny fire in a forest but soon with winds of passion it grows into enormous proportions that will destroy the whole forest. Like the peace of a person is destroyed by running after desires.

Fulfillment of one desire will lead to birth of hundred more desires.

So be ever vigilant, of tiny desires or alas your peace will be destroyed forever.

Whatever is gained in this world is only by self effort and one pointed focus.

Failure is encountered when there is slackness in effort.

So one should never yield to laziness but strive to attain liberation, for time is eating the wick of life like a rat nibbling a rope.

That alone is self effort which springs from a pure desire to experience what is truth.

Truth is eternal and unchanging.

Only way to move from suffering is to experience what this eternal truth is.

So as Swami Vivekananda famously said “Awake arise and stop not till the goal is reached.”

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Jai Shree Hari!

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