We all have a centre in life, it is a point we consider most important in our life. One of the most important reason for disharmony in our life is that our practical centre does not match with our theoretical centre. 

For a seeker of truth, the centre point of his life should be his or her efforts towards understanding and experiencing the ultimate truth. But for most of the seekers it is only true in theory. In reality we treat this search as a hobby or additional extra circular activity. We justify our actions or lack of actions on lot of things. Most common of which usually are like family responsibilities, youth is the time for exploring the world, pure laziness, need for entertainment, there is still plenty of time etc. Biggest misconception is that we think have lot of time, which isn’t true in most of cases as life is so uncertain.

One of the most important factor that helps us in attaining any worthwhile goal in life is how much we are focused on achieving that goal. Because more focused we are more time we will put in working towards achieving that goal.

If we really want to experience the ultimate truth, we have to make this the central point of our life. You have to keep this central point the focus of your life. Keep reminding yourself this is my center. Keep on asking yourself if my actions are towards my center or are these actions and thoughts taking me way from my center. For when we focus our energies on one and only one thing that magic happens.  

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Jai Shree Hari.