Do we see the world as it is or as it is interpreted by our mind?

Most of us live same life every day, following the same routine every day at home and work. Yet some days we are in an elated state and some days we may be feeling out right depressed. Have you ever thought what changes?

If external circumstances are same then it must be our internal interpretation of outer events which has changed. It is said that world is created twice first in our mind and then in reality. 

But I think opposite of it is also true. World is created twice first time externally  in its true form and second time in our mind, by our minds  interpretation of those actual events. So we don’t see the world as it is but through the looking glass of our mind. 

If we are looking through a clean glass it gives us a clear and accurate picture, but looking through a stained glass will make even a clean picture muddy.

By stains I mean impressions left on our mind by all the external experiences we have. Mind absorbs every experience we have and stores it. We may think all the useless chatter and gossips we engage in will have no impact on me. All the time we spend in consuming social media, watching movies and series will have no impact on me. But think twice before doing it for the function of our mind is to store every activity, every experience we have through our five senses. For mind all the experiences are true which it stores as raw data. This data is analysed and ultimately used to form our world view. 

So what kind of stains we have on the looking glass of our mind will decide what kind of world we see through it.

Thus it is essential that we should be aware of all the impressions we are leaving on our mind.

First step is to choose consciously what kind of experiences you wish to have.

Second is to get rid of all the useless impressions we have left on our mind. 

As we live in a society and even after all our mindful planing we end up having some experiences we don’t want. And every experience leaves an impression on our mind, so it very essential to clean the looking glass of our  mind daily. 

Silence and solitude are the two essential S to have in one’s life along with meditation and awareness.

Silence and solitude gives us time for contemplation. Contemplation in turn helps us to see the things as they are.

Thank you and please share your views in comment box.

Jai Shree Hari.

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