We think so we suffer. Everyone will agree with this fact but we cannot stop thinking or analyzing situations. Because thinking is essential for survival, it is our survival tool. Without a mind, there is no survival of our species.

But the mind is a double-edged sword on one side it helps us to survive and navigate in this world but on another side, it causes us so much grief due to its habit of worrying over everything possible that could go wrong in this life. If you are careful you will observe that as soon as you lose mindfulness, the mind begins to chatter and it worries too much.

The mind is worrying about what will happen in future, it is almost always running different scenarios of what can go wrong. Mind worries too much about what people will think. We also know very well that from all the million things that the mind worries about, rarely does anything acte true. Yet we cannot stop our minds from going on it’s worrying trips.

Worrying too much is like a thorn in the foot, which will not let us live peacefully. No wonder in Hindi the popular saying “चिंता और चिता एक समान है ”(Worry is like a funeral pyre.)

If you want to be happy and peaceful contemplate this fact. Be mindful and stop excessive thinking as soon you become aware of your mind doing it. The mind likes to have chintan shivar, but you don’t have to indulge your mind.

Always remember you are not your mind. A mind is just a tool. Use it for survival. Train your mind; until you can control it by keeping it busy. Busy in activities that will help in training it.

Instead of worrying spend your time contemplating the ultimate truth. Contemplating on the ultimate nature of all things, meditation, and mindfulness are all tools to train the mind.

Excessive thinking is a disease, a side effect of language. It is only because of internal dialogue that the mind keeps on having with itself that it worries so much. Just remember all the time you have spent in useless worrying and missed out on experiencing life in its purest form.

Ultimately contemplate the fact that “Are you your mind or something beyond it?”

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Jai Shree Hari.

Image Credit: pixabay.com