Some days pass by as cool winter breeze.

Some days seem to be like hot summer day of north India, which are hot but bearable.

Some days can be both hot and humid, which causes distress to both body and mind. These are the days when nothing seems to go right, mind is agitated and smallest external stimulus will make the mind blow like a hot furnace. On these days the thought pattern is so random that nothing makes sense and mind is on the edge.

Everyone has experienced these kind of days. On these days we try to calm the mind with meditation or distract it with some pleasurable stimulus, but nothing works.

Why is it so and how to handle these days?

Short answer is that these days tell us how much effort we have put in our self.  These are the days which test us. More focused we have been during the normal days and worked on ourselves, better awareness we will have when such stormy days come.

Mind cannot be trained when it is agitated. It requires a constant and focused effort to know the working of mind and even greater effort to master it.

Thank you and please share your views in comments section.

Jai Shree Hari.