For most of the people the only time they become aware of their thoughts is when it is in the centre of their mind. When the thought is in centre of mind, it means that mind is already working on it. Ball is already rolling.

So it is too late to become aware of your thoughts as the thought which has got hold of your mind becomes a desire or a craving. To stop a craving which has got hold of your mind is next to impossible. It is like the bullet which has already been fired; now only damage control can be done. This is how most of time we live and it is natural that life becomes a series of emergencies one after another.

But the good news is that no thought comes out of nowhere and suddenly becomes the centre of our mind. At any time, there are a number of thoughts moving in periphery of mind and only one out of these is able to take the centre stage. At a time, mind is able to keep only one thought at its centre and it chooses this one thought from all the ones in periphery.  

We have to be aware not only of what is in centre of our mind and also of  all the thoughts moving in periphery of our mind so that we can actively choose which one to focus upon. As only those thoughts which we focus on will grow and take the centre stage of mind, all other thought die a natural death.

Only way to live a fulfilling life is to live a life of awareness where you are aware of all the thoughts in periphery of your mind and you actively choose which thought will take centre of you mind.  

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Jai Shree Hari.

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