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    Ravi Trivedi Om

    A journey from Somebody to Nobody. "They alone live who live for others" Swami Vivekananda.

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    Niren Patel

    Under his GRACE a Householder & a Businessperson. (Teach and Counsel.) IIT BHU, Univ. Of Cincinnati.

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    Spiritual Seeker understanding life, Soft Skills Trainer, NLP Practitioner,

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    Dr Monika Sadhana

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    Sushree Nishtha Om

    I feel GOOD to be known as Swamiji's disciple; that's my true introduction. Feel BLESSED to live at the abode of my most revered Guru. And LOVE to be at His Holy feet. That's where I belong. 🙏 All Glories To My Swamiji!!

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    Khushboo Bhargava

    Walking the path shown by my Guru my Swami .. trying to discover my own truth .. deeply in love with my Lord .. a devotee .. a lover .. a surrendered soul

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    Monika Verma

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    Swathi K

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    His boy.

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    Shubhra Om

    Teacher by profession, sensitive by heart. Learned the main lesson of my life, "Never hurt anyone" after kicked by life hard. Another lesson I learned is to listen to your conscience. Eldest among four siblings, single parent, and a proud mother of two sensitive children. Ph.D. in 'Education' and Masters in 'Mathematics' and 'Education'. The purpose of life is to follow Respected Swamiji.

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    Pankaj Om

    हंसता मुस्कराता नूरानी चेहरा l लाखो में हसीन है मुर्शिद मेरा ll

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    I'm a husband to a beautiful wife, father to 3 little kids, and a disciple of Om Swami. Like many of my guru brothers and sisters around the world, I'm in the process of lighting my lamp and am relishing the spiritual journey.

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    Deepak Nair

    An unknown soul sitting by the mystical spiritual river, gazing in awe as each wave reveals priceless pearls of wisdom.

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    Kaivalya Lal

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    Satish Bhattarai

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    Home Maker

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    S Misra

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    Vanika Om

    In the eternal service of my Guru and God, who are One...

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    Happy to interact:

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