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    Mahamaya Chatterjee

    Speck of dust under Swami's holy lotus feet

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    Ravi Om Trivedi

    "They alone live who live for others" Swami Vivekananda | "Rise up and vow to do something about the cause. Use your energy to not profess your love for me but to preserve, practice, and propagate the Vedas. It would mean the most to me. In fact, it’s everything to me. That’s the reason I’m still here." Om Swami | Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/trivediravi/

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    Ardent devotee of Mahadev and Ma Jagadamba,Dentist by profession .

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    Author ,Photographer . Food Blogger . Pursuit of truth and beauty .

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    Divyansh Mahajan

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    V a

    "The Power is inside every man, the different works are like Blows to bring them out, To cause these Giants to wake up"- Swami Vivekananda

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    I firmly believe in what I say. And i believe that you're cherished. You are gracious. You are valuable and gorgeous.

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    Akhalya Om

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    Rahul Batra

    Rahul has dabbled in three startups over nine years before finding his passion in the alternate school that he has set up with his family, Prakriti https://prakriti.edu.in/

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    Vijithaa S

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    Kunal Om

    Yoga and Meditation Lover

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    Arunima Om Singhdeo

    A Yoga Entrepreneur, a spiritual seeker, a mom, a wife and a daughter. An adventurer by spirit, spent many years working in the corporate world and travelling around the world. I now learn and teach yoga.

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