Narendra's writings

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The Monster Needle

In some cases, i failed and at other times, i succeeded

Love. Care. Gratitude

An Old Man, Munyappa and the Chocolates

32 Apologies in 16 Days

Making mistakes confidently, rectifying them, and moving on

Feminine Vista

God dwells where women are worshipped

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Cooling the Flames

How To Overcome Anger And Hatred And Become A Happy Person

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Puncture Moments

#writeforosdotme. My childhood's amusing stories

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Zen in Apron

For a peaceful, conscientious, and happy life

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Make a Difference in a Simple Way

Take back control of your life

8 Ways to Befriend Ourselves

Takeaways from my first spiritual master

I’m Bad at Sadhana

That's ok. Start again

A Cunning Plan for a Great Cause

An Eccentric Billionaire And A Black Bentley

Eating Habits

What are your eating habits? Is it more like an animal, a human, or...